Ultra Thin Loopies Pince Nez for Mobile Phone

£ 4.95 £ 49.99

NEW Loopies Pince Nez

The Thinest Reading Glasses in the World

The Ultimate Mobile Phone accessory 

  • Sticks to your phone
  • Fits easily into your Purse, Wallet or Pocket 
  • Comfortable sits on your nose when reading 
  • Super Flex-able and Bendable
  • Never Lose your glasses again "Easy to find, Hard to Lose"
  • Selling on Amazon £50.91 

Please note this batch of Pince Nez Loopies has a Manufacturer fault - The fault is on the nose pieces, if the manufacturers fault develops the glasses are very much still usable.

Because of the Manufacturers fault we are selling these for just £4.95 (No returns) + P&P 



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